Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are known for providing years of trouble free performance. FSI prefers submersible pumps over suction pumps as pumps push liquid much better than they pull it. Submersible pumps also benefit from being liquid cooled and electrically efficient. The dependability of a submersible pump is unequaled.


  • Pump Motor: 3/4 H.P. Centrifugal type.
  • Thermally protected: Automatic thermal overload turns motor off at approximately 205 F (95 C)and resets on at approx. 115 F (45 C).
  • Liquid Compatibility: Standard units compatible with fuel mixtures containing up to 15% ethanol or methanol with gasoline and 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE, or 17% TAME with gasoline, and all compatible version available.
  • Check Valve: 2 3/4 (70mm) diameter constructed of aluminum and steel with fluorocarbon seal.
  • Pressure Relief Valve: Standard valve is set to relieve static line pressure at 35-50 PSI (2.38 to 3.4 bar), reseals above 20 PSI (1.36 bar).
  • Air Eliminator: Returns air to tank with one way check valve to prevent back flow.
  • Seal Elastomers: All wetted seals on standard units use Viton®.
  • Approvals and/or Listings: UL, CSA, BASEEFA, TUV, SAA, BKI, INMETRO, TIIS, KHK, FTZU, others pending.
  • Quality Certification: FE Petro is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer.