Size and Configuration

Tank Capacity

Consider the following when selecting tank capacity:

  • Can I get a discount on full truck loads of fuel ?
  • What is a “full load” ? (7-10,000 gallons)
  • What is your throughput (usage) ?
  • How long does it take to get fuel delivered ?
  • 5% is lost in the top of the tank on overfill prevention
  • 5% is lost from the bottom as the pump is set above the water and debris zone
  • Is the fuel going to sit for more than 6 months ? (Consider using additives)
  • Codes can limit single tank capacity. Variances must be sought for larger tanks.


Single Compartment vs. Dual Compartment - You can split the tank into separate compart-ments for multiple products. Example: A 12,000 Gallon tank with 4,000 Galons Offroad Diesel and 8,000 Gallons Onroad Diesel.

Dispensing Packages - A second dispensing platform can provide multiple fueling positions. Two products can be dispensed on one end with a dual product dispenser. Combinations can be suited to need.

Internal Tank Lining - A standard tank is bare steel. A corrosion inhibiting internal lining can be installed. This option is almost always selected on Jet Fuel. A good liner is expensive as the tankis welded on the inside and the finish blasted to prepare for the application of the coating. Internal corrosion is a problem if water bottoms are not removed. A water sumping system is also available.

Pump Systems - We often do custom pump systems for bottom loading trucks, transferring fuel to multiple remote dispensers, etc. Please ask a sales engineer about anything special.

Fuel Management - We offer several fuel management system solutions from unattended retail credit card to fleet keys, pin numbers, buying clubs, etc. We will also pre-install a customer supplied proprietary systems.

Twin Canopy Option