Fireguard TM offers the safety of UL 2085 steel secondary containment. Fireguard TM features insulation within the interstice. The porous insulation material allows migration of any liquid through the interstice to the monitoring point. Unlike plastic liners, the steel double wall design provides 110% UL-listed secondary containment. And Fireguard TM comes delivered as a complete unit with Steel Tank Institute Quality Assurance built in.

  • UL 2085 Listed using 3” of lightweight insulation between 2 walls of steel.
  • Monitoring tube for interstitial leak detection,
  • 2-hour fire rating Meets 1994 Uniform Fire Code for “Protected Tank” Appendix IIF
  • UL 2085 listed for “Insulated Secondary Containment - Protected Type” ASTs
  • Meets NFPA 30/30A codes (reduced separation distance) Inner and outer steel tanks built to UL 142
  • UL Listed Secondary Containment STI licensed and made to STI quality standards
  • UFC Appendix IIF ballistics protection
  • UFC Appendix IIF impact protection No exposed concrete no spalling or cracking
  • 30-year limited warranty